Congratulations to our
2013 Contest Winners! 

Inspiration Prose:   

1st: Marsha Kay Oldham “Evil Personified”
2nd: Peggy Chambers  “Alzheimer’s and the Power of Cell Phones”
3rd: Chantell Tiatrakul  “Seeing Clearly”
Children’s Story:
1st: Peggy Chambers   “We’ll Bake Cookies”
2nd: Chantell Tiatrakul “Painting Dreams”

3rd: Martha Draper “Fire E. Dragonwagon”


Honorable Mention:
    The highest number of possible points on the judging sheet is 65.  The one entry getting the highest number of points was in a category with only two entries so no prize can be awarded.. But I believe Cathy Thorp deserves an Honorable Mention for “If My Cats Wore Hats” with its 62 out of 65 points.


2012 Contest Winners! 

Short Story: 

  1st: Peggy Chambers, "The Ditch"
  2nd: Lucie Smoker, "The Fourth Day Home"
  3rd: Martha Draper, "Meeting Tony Hillerman"


  1st: Marsha Kay Oldham, "Blizzard Warning"
  2nd: Peggy Chambers, "The Lighter Side of Layoffs"
  3rd: Martha Draper, "To Church or Not To Church"

Feature Article:

  1st: Lucie Smoker, "The Shetland Islands" 
  2nd: Peggy Chambers, "Zimbabwean Holiday"

  3rd: Cathy Thorp, "Post Crunch Time"
  4th: Martha Draper, "The Burning of Zozobra"

Poetry - Rhymed:

  1st: Marsha Kay Oldham, "Feline Routine"
  2nd: Karen Evans, "Beauty"
  3rd: Martha Draper, "Facebook 101"

Poetry - Unrhymed: 

  1st: Marsha Kay Oldham, "My Hero"
  2nd: Karen Evans,"String of Pearls"
  3rd: Cathy Thorp, "All True Friends"
  4th: Martha Draper, "Acquisition of Ringling"


  1st: Lucie Smoker, "Rejection Letter for Sherlock Holmes"
  2nd: Martha Draper, "Cork in the Bottle"
  3rd: Marsha Kay Oldham, "Never Quite What You Expect"

Children's Story:

  1st: Peggy Chambers, "We'll Hug a Lot"
  2nd (tie): Chantell Tiatrakul, "Have You Seen the Cheechako?"
  2nd (tie): Martha Draper, "Aggie Rez"


Congratulations to Peggy Chambers for winning Honorable Mention in the OK Writers' SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Contest!

Congratulations to Lucie Smoker for winning the Hook, Line, No Stinkers Contest from Writers AMuse Me Publishing.