karen.jpegPresident's Message 2013-2014:  Making the Most of Your Talent


Where do you stand in the writing world?  How far have you carried your talent?  Have you taken the initiative to open your laptop or pick up your pencil and conquer the blank page?  Are you ready to take the next step?


This year we will continue the theme which began with the assumption that we all have been blessed with a talent for words.  So what have you done with that talent?  We all stand in different places in the writing world.  Where do you want to be?  Some of us are well-established in our craft.  Some of us are just beginning to get our thoughts on paper.  All of our current members have persevered and stepped beyond the edge of our talent.  We are better writers now than we were--we are better writers because we have been encouraged, prepared, and sharpened by each other.  While last year we focused on making wise choices in the publishing world, this year we will concentrate on growing the talent inside each of us.  What next step do you need to take?  We can figure it out together.


EWC programs are designed to educate, encourage, and enlighten writers of all ages and aspirations. The monthly meetings are designed for local writers to rub elbows with each other and the publishing world. So bring your talent along with your questions and let the fun begin!


Karen Evans


Our Elected Officers:

President: Karen Evans
Vice-President: Martha Draper
Treasurer: Cathy Thorp
Secretary: Peggy Chambers

Our Appointed Officers:

Parliamentarian: Marsha Kay Oldham
Publicity: Lucie Smoker
Contest: Bobbie Mardis
OWFI Delegates: Martha Draper and Peggy Chambers